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on Obamacare

What's Next for Obamacare?

Some basic policy parameters for any replacement to Obamacare. Read More

Solutions 2016

An arsenal of today’s best conservative policy recommendations for those fighting on the front lines of American political life, whether by running for office or simply being an active citizen in their community. Read More

2016 Federal Budget in Pictures

In 2016 the national debt exceeded $19 trillion. Now, more than ever it’s critical that we understand the nation’s spending, taxes and debt. These powerful charts enable all Americans to better understand the federal budget and identify important areas of reform. Read More

Learn About the Candidate Briefing Program

Did you know that Candidates can get policy training from The Heritage Foundation? Many of the 2016 presidential candidates, congressional candidates, and current Members of Congress have attended. Read More

on Alliances

Freedom from the EU: Pursuing a US–UK Free Trade Area

Now that Britain has left the EU one of its central priorities should be to negotiate a free trade area with the US. Read More

Heritage Experts Advocated for Brexit From the Very Beginning

Since 2005, when Margaret Thatcher picked The Heritage Foundation to establish the Thatcher Center for Freedom, Heritage experts have advocated for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Read More

on Political Thought

The Second Amendment and the Inalienable Right to Self-Defense

Contemporary debates about the meaning of the Second Amendment -- is it a collective right or an individual right? -- would have been incomprehensible to the Founders. Read More

on Family and Marriage

The Obligations of Family Life: A Response to Modern Liberalism

No matter how much our contemporary views may wish away the links among sex, procreation, enduring marriage, and raising children, those links persist and will persist. Read More

on Regulation

Obama Regs Top $100 Billion Annually

The number and cost of government regulations continued to climb in 2015, intensifying Washington’s control over the economy and Americans’ lives. Read More